La Morena


The perfect all-around Guatemalan coffee to be enjoyed using whatever brew method you prefer. With notes of maple, pecan, fruit, and spice, you'll be excited to start your morning with a cup of La Morena. 

  • Medium-dark roast
  • Produced by La Morena
  • Washed
  • 1400 - 1600 meters
  • 12 oz

Recommended brewing method: Drip, Pour Over, French Press, Moka Pot, Espresso

Roaster's NoteIn Guatemala coffee has long been a male-dominated industry and gender equality remains a challenge. It is still unfortunately very difficult for women in Guatemala to compete and thrive in the coffee world. La Morena is an organization that is working to change this by showcasing the work of women producers. Produced exclusively by female farmers, La Morena is a certified Volcafe Way coffee. Since joining the Volcafe Way program, the producers have increased the quality of their coffee, increased their yields, and, as a consequence, started earning more. In teaching them best practices, their farms are turning out excellent coffee and becoming viable businesses.

Roasting days: Daily