Grind Size: Whole Bean

Azul is made from the the Peaberry variety, which is a smaller bean but packed with flavor, and a slightly higher caffeine content. It's the perfect coffee for when you need just a little extra kick. 

Roaster tasted notes of caramel, butter, and sweet lemon. 

  • Medium roast
  • Produced by  Fazenda Mandara, Brazil
  • Sun-dried natural
  • 12 oz

Recommended brewing methods: Drip, French Press, Aeropress, Espresso, Moka Pot

Roaster's Note: We carefully selected these coffee beans for a perfectly balanced medium blend: not too strong, just enough acid, and with a sweet taste. We pay the farmers directly for our coffees as we want to ensure a sustainable supply chain that rewards the farmers for the quality that they produce.