Decaf Ethiopia Kossa Geshe


The decaf coffee that you would never guess is a decaf coffee! Sweet and bright, it tastes delicious black or with milk/cream. 

  • Medium
  • Produced by an estate in the highlands of the Kebena Forest in Western Ethiopia’s Limu Kossa District
  • Natural/Organic Heirloom Swiss Water Decaf
  • 16 oz

Recommended brewing method: Drip, Aeropress, Pour Over

Roaster's Note: This coffee blew us away! We received it from some sweet folks who do direct sourcing just as we do. Crop to cup is their name and they have been purchasing coffee from this estate since the very first harvest. This farm was established in 2009 as a land grant to safeguard some of the last remaining dense forest in the country. The first harvest happened in 2016! This coffee was one of the first coffees out of the Western region to win the Good Food Award! We can see why! It’s Berrilicious!