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Peixoto Coffee Roasters

Família Peixoto

Família Peixoto

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A high quality Brazilian coffee that everyone will love! S

Tasting notes of hazelnut, honey, and berries.

  • Medium-light roast
  • Produced by Fazenda São José de Boa Vista (The Peixoto family farm)
  • Altitude: 1250 meters
  • Natural
  • 12oz

Recommended brewing methods: Espresso, Drip, French Press, Cold Brew

Roaster's Notes: This coffee is the go-to lot of our current-harvest Peixoto family coffees.  Rich flavors of berries, chocolate and nuts identify it as a high-quality Brazil.  With a sweet, clean, and rich flavor profile, this coffee pleases just about everyone. Works flawlessly on all brewing methods from espresso to filter to full immersion to cold brew.

Roasting Days: Daily

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