Farm Blend

Grind Size: Whole Bean

If strong coffee is your jam, this is soon to be your favorite!

Roaster tasted notes of dark chocolate and fruit.

  • Dark roast
  • A blend of Brazilian coffee
  • 12 oz

Recommended brewing methods: Drip, Espresso, Moka Pot, French Press, Cold Brew, Aeropress

Roaster's Note: Our low emission roaster utilizes convection heat and provides an oxygen-less roasting environment. The Farm Blend dark roast will present a lighter color when compared to coffees roasted in traditional coffee roasters. The Farm Blend is powerful for those who enjoy strong coffee and it mingles well with dairy products. You will be delighted with the Farm Blend whether you drink your coffee black or with cream. Every sip reveals the uniqueness of the coffees grown at the farm, regardless of the brew method.