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Peixoto Coffee Roasters

Frutas Blend

Frutas Blend

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A comforting and sweet blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees from Peixoto Coffee.

Tasting notes of strawberries, dried berries, and dark chocolate.

  • Medium Roast
  • Altitude: Various
  • Natural
  • 12oz

Recommended brewing methods: Espresso, Moka Pot, Drip, Pour Over

Roaster's Notes: When creating our new Frutas Blend, we had one goal in mind – to add a juicy and fruity layer (hence the name “Frutas”) to the layers of chocolate in our Brazil. We put together a Natural Ethiopia and a Natural Brazil, perfectly balancing each other, for an irresistible flavor combination reminiscent of chocolate covered strawberries. We love how comforting this blend is to drink, while sparking interest and excitement throughout.

Roasting Days: Daily

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