Los Andinos - Peru


This coffee gives a light boldness, with a warm and fuzzy experience. Enjoy black or with cream and sugar. 

Tasting notes of malted raisin, citrus, and some earthy notes. 

  • Medium-light roast
  • Produced by  Coop- Asprocafe 
  • Altitude: 1600-1800 meters
  • 12 oz

Recommended brew method: Drip, Pour Over, Aeropress, French Press

Roaster's Note: This lot comes from a group of farmers collectively called Alpes Andinos, and ASPROCAFE cooperative mills and exports this lot. Mostly Pache variety, which is a naturally occurring Bourbon mutation first seen in Guatemala in 1949. This variety has done very well in warmer parts of Peru.

Roast days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays