Peixoto Doce


A sweet, rich, and well balanced Brazilian coffee from the Peixoto family farm.

Tasting notes of chocolate, berries, and roasted almond.

  • Medium Roast
  • Produced by Fazenda São José da Boa Vista
  • Altitude: 1250 meters
  • Natural
  • 12oz

Recommended brewing method: Drip, Espresso

Roaster's Notes: Doce (DOH-see), meaning “sweet” in Portuguese, is a more traditional roast of the natural process coffee from our farm.  Similar to our Familia Peixoto, but with just a bit more development during the roasting process, the natural acidity of this coffee gives way to sweet and rich undertones.  Well balanced and full of flavor (but without any over-roasted bitterness), this coffee appeals to just about everyone.

Roasting Days: Daily