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The French Press is classy, bold, and a beautiful addition to any home coffee bar. This full immersion method is great for a bolder cup.

Brew ratio 
1:15 (for every 1oz of coffee, use 15 oz of water)
1:13 (for every 1oz of coffee, use 12oz of water)

Amount will depend on size of your French Press. Generally 2 cups using the 1:15 method will be 2 1/4 oz of coffee and 33 oz of water. 

1. Preheat your French Press with hot water, then pour the water away. 

2. Grind your coffee to a coarse texture and add it to the French Press.

3. Boil coffee to 190-200 degrees (wait about a minute or two after boiling to cool).

4. Pour hot water into French Press just enough to cover the beans. Give it a stir and wait 30 seconds for the beans to bloom.

5. Pour the remaining hot water into the French Press, stir, and skim the orange foam off of the top with a spoon.

6. Place the plunger on top and allow the coffee to sit for 4 minutes (only 4! So use a timer).

7. Slowly press the plunger down, and serve immediately so as not to overextract.

Tips: If your plunger goes down too fast, it means your grind might be too coarse. If it feels too hard to push down, then your grind might be too fine. 

This method takes some practice and experimentation, but once you get the hang of it, it can result in a deliciously bold cup. 

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