Sueños Coffee Co Founder


Hi! I’m Jiselle (she/her), founder of Sueños Coffee Co. 

My love affair with coffee began when I was young. There are no greater memories than the ones I shared with my grandmother (as early as 7) drinking a cafecito and buttered crackers while listening to her stories about growing up in Puerto Rico. This was a tradition we shared together up until her passing five years ago, and one I will always cherish!

Creating Sueños Coffee Co. was an ode to her and every other powerful woman that has come before me.

When I first thought of creating this, I researched and read all I could about coffee production, and the people throughout the chain who work so hard to bring us this magic in a cup. It was not surprising to see that, as in many industries, women are often paid less, and have less access to resources and education. In the U.S., women-owned coffee roasters are growing, but are not always represented on larger marketplaces. With this information, I knew I wanted the focus of Sueños Coffee Co. to be on supporting women-owned roasters and small businesses.

Building Sueños Coffee Co. has been the perfect combination of my love for coffee, and supporting women and the causes that are near and dear to my heart 

Coffee is joy, connection, self-care, and enjoying high-quality coffee is a deserved luxury that should be accessible to all. 

Thank you for shopping with Sueños Coffee Co. I hope you enjoy every sip!

A Little More About Me

I am a proud, born and raised New Yorker, currently living in the DMV area with my husband and two beautiful, and wild toddlers. 

When I’m not working on this, I’m working my day job in Education, chasing my toddlers around, traveling, and enjoying lots of wine (see part about “wild toddlers”)!