Frequently Asked Questions

Why only carry women-owned coffee brands?

Leadership and ownership in the coffee industry is very male dominated, as seen in many of the current coffee marketplaces and subscriptions. We are therefore very passionate about bringing to light more of the amazing women in coffee that are often overshadowed, and thus provide more consumer access and awareness to women-owned coffee brands. 

Can I cancel or skip a month during my subscription?

Yes! When you sign-up for our bi-weekly or monthly subscriptions, you'll create an account and can sign into that account at any time to skip a month, or cancel your subscription at any time. 

Visit our subscription page for more information. 

If I purchase a prepaid subscription, will it renew again?

No, our prepaid subscriptions will automatically end after the amount of time purchased and you will not be recharged. For example, if you purchase our 3-month prepaid subscription, the subscription will end after the third month and you will not be recharged. If you would like to continue receiving coffee each month, you can purchase another 3-month subscription or try our monthly coffee subscription. 

Visit our subscription page for more information. 

Do you carry decaf coffee as well? 

Of course! We have a delicious selection of decaf coffee, and hope to continue to add more as we expand. You can use the filters on the left hand side of your screen on your computer, or at the top of your screen on mobile and select "decaf" to see all of our current selections.

Are all of the coffees organic? 

While we do offer a few certified organic coffees, not all of the coffee offered is certified organic. However, certifications can be very very costly for micro-lot and small farmers, even if they do practice organic farming methods. All of the coffee offered on Sueños Coffee Co., is of high quality, but if you are looking specifically for a certified organic coffee, simply choose that option in the filter menu to see our current selections. 

Can I brew these coffees in my Keurig or Nespresso machine? 

Absolutely! If you have a reusable K-cup or Nespresso pod, you can enjoy any of the coffee on our site, and even purchase a subscription. For K-cups either select whole bean or medium grind, and for Nespresso select whole bean or fine grind. 

How does shipping work?

Every coffee is roasted and shipped directly from the roaster, so your shipping time will depend on their roasting schedule (which can be seen on the product page or the roasters page), and USPS shipping times. 

If you place an order for homeware, or any other merchandise on our site, those will usually ship out within 48 hours of purchasing. 

See our shipping policy for more information.

I didn't like my first coffee, what now?

We want to make sure you always have a great experience with the coffee we offer, so if you notify us within 14 days of receiving your coffee we will do what we can to make it right! 

If I sign up for your newsletter, are you going to spam my inbox? 

No way, spam is not the vibe! We send out emails once a week at max. Newsletters will contain updates on our products and roasters, how-to information, important coffee updates for consumers to know, and first access to special promotions. 

I'm a roaster, how can I partner with you? 

Yay! We love hearing from women-owned roasters that are drawn to our mission and want to partner. If you are interested in being featured please reach out to us at partnerships@suenoscoffee.com


Have any additional questions not covered here? Feel free to reach out to us at hello@suenoscoffee.com