How To Brew Using a Pour Over - Sueños Coffee Co.

The Pour Over is a great straightforward method to brewing a delicious cup. This method accentuates the intricate flavors of coffee more than other brewing methods, and is a great way to experience single origin beans.

Brew Ratio 
1:16 (22g for every 350g of water)

You'll need a scale and a kettle.

1. Place your filter on top of your mug or other holder and add the paper filter. Place on a scale and zero out.

2. Rinse the paper filter with hot water and discard the water.

3. Using a medium grind, add 22g of coffee to the filter. 

4. Pour 50g of hot water to cover the beans and allow 30 seconds for them to bloom

5. Pour 100g of water slowly and evenly in a spiral fashion. Do this two more times, keeping the water level until your kettle is empty. 

6. Allow all of the coffee to drip through the filter. 

7. Remove the filter, and serve.


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