How to Brew Using an Aeropress - Sueños Coffee Co.

The Aeropress is a versatile, travel friendly, and best of all worlds brewing method. It was created in 2005, so it is a, relatively, new brewing method. One downside (and not really a downside depending on your situation) is that it only makes enough for one serving. 

Brew Ratio 

18g of coffee and 200g of water

1. Put the filer in the basket and rinse with hot water. Dispose of water afterwards. 

2. Put the basket onto the bottom of the brewing chamber and place on your pitcher or mug.

3. Using medium grind coffee, please coffee in the chamber.

4. Add water 100g at a time. Let sit for one minute then stir.

6. Insert the plunger and begin pressing down. Allow to cool a little, and serve.

Inverted method

1. Follow step one and two but place the chamber upside down, with the brewing chamber on the bottom.

2. Pour coffee in and follow step 4 above. 

3. Let coffee sit for 1 minute and 45 seconds, stir and then secure the cap.

4. Quickly flip the Aeropress over and onto your cup or pitcher and slowly press down. Allow to cool a little, and serve.

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