Que Who? MataQuescuintla - Guatemala


Another delicious Guatemalan coffee from Cute Coffee. The richness shines, and tastes great with milk!

Tasting notes of Cherry, Pink Lady Apple, Blueberry, Nectarine, 70% Chocolate, & Citrus

  • Medium
  • Produced by Finca Santa Marta, a family farm
  • Washed
  • 16 oz

Recommended brewing method: Drip, Aeropress, Pour Over, French Press

Roaster's Note: We're so excited about this coffee! It's Delicious and the family that runs the farm is Super Cute! Back in December 2021, Sabrina, the daughter of farmers David and Lillian Rodriguez contacted us to chat about coffee from her family farm. When Sabrina said she could send us samples or we could link up, we said, "Hold up? Where are you located? Are we going to Guatemala?!":). This is when we found out that the family who runs this farm lives part time in Fremont, CA and part time in Guatemala! So, we like to say it's Kinda Local ;). Since it's kinda local we decided to go down to Fremont to meet Sabrina and her mother Lillian. Over coffee of course:). We had the sweetest conversation that lasted hours and no one wanted to leave. They really felt like new family members the moment we met them. We knew this would be an ever evolving relationship with a incredibly fruitful outcome.